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Your affiliate website will be your lifetime supplier of liquid cash if started and maintained properly. That’s why we are here to support you through the whole journey- by starting and helping to maintain the website. we also provide ready amazon affiliate websites for sale.

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Why should You Start Your Affiliate Journey with Us?

Building an Amazon affiliate site and generating a passive income flow is not an easy task. It includes many things. Some of those are mentioned in the previous section. It is not like building a blog and earning with it. Regular blogs need less investment, come with less risk and generate less profit. On the other hand, Amazon affiliate sites need high investment, have high risk and generates high profit if worked on properly. That’s why it is good to start the journey with someone who has expertise on the field. We have the experience.

We provide best amazon affiliate website builder for your niche, If you start the journey alone, you’ll have to learn a lot by spending huge money and time. To get to the pro state, you need time. You’ll learn through faults in almost every stage. We support learning, but not by wasting money and valuable time. You’ll have to be expert in almost all the fields to build up a successful website. That’s why we suggest allowing us to have your back from the very beginning of your journey.


We have designed a few packages so that you have the scope of choosing one according to your need and budget. Besides giving you this flexibility, we want you to get what you want. So, check our packages below and choose one to order.


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Build Your Amazon Affiliate Website that Generates Passive Income

We provide best amazon affiliate website builder for your niche, Building an Amazon Affiliate Website is a great way to make a passive income flow. We think you’ve thought about this already and that’s why you are here. Even if you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s time to give it a thought. And we can be the partner in this proud journey of you.

We’ve already built and worked on a number of Amazon Affiliate Websites for last 5-6 years. So, we know how this works better and what the effective strategies are. We’ve faced the changes and we know what to do to cope up with those changes. So, if you are looking for an expert to start the journey with, worry no more. We are here for that. so build your amazon affiliate website with us.

Things We do to Build a Profitable Niche Site for You

We provide best amazon affiliate website builder for your niche, If you’ve studied about Amazon Affiliate websites, you may know that there are many things to maintain while building a niche site for affiliate. Worry not! We’ll do everything for you. Let’s have a look at the things we do while developing a profitable niche site.

The look of the site matters. How easily the users are interacting with the site depends on the look and ease of using the site. That’s where our web designer team focuses on. Our designers design and develop the website to be as friendly as possible to the visitors. A super-fast and standard looking website boosts up the SEO and attracts readers more.
Content is the king, but it can’t win the war alone. That’s why SEO is needed. Our SEO team looks after the on page SEO side to make your site more reachable and readable to the visitors. This is where many people lacks, but we don’t. Our SEO team has expertise which is used to fulfil the on page SEO factors and ensure a quality that many websites lack.
The first step of the whole journey is selecting a niche that generates profit. This is where many newbies fail. As we have experience of working with affiliate sites for a long time, we know the niches that can be profitable in the long run. So, at the very first stage, we invest our time and hard work to find out a niche with potentiality of generating profits.
This is another crucial part. Finding out the potential keywords is not an easy task. We know it well and that’s where our keyword research experts start their action. With experience and instinct, our keyword research team finds out the best potential keywords for you. We focus on the low competitive keywords so that your site ranks faster and generates revenue quickly.
A perfectly developed content strategy includes many things other than just having some money articles and informative articles. Investing time on developing content strategy pays off by engaging a huge amount of website visitors and potential customers. That’s why we have a team of content strategists to develop a strategy specifically for you site after a thorough research on your competitors.
There is a saying that- content is the king. We also know that and we’ve seen that many times in our years of experience. That’s why we create quality contents by our special content writing team. Our writing team have expert content writers with more than 2 years of experience of writing dedicatedly for affiliate websites. Quality contents from the team boosts up website rank like nothing else.

Extra Offering for You from Us

Starting an affiliate journey is a crucial moment when you need most of the supports. We know that, and our packages are designed to cover all the area. Still, we have something more to offer you as gifts from our side. Hope you’ll like those.

Long tail keywords are as important as the primary keywords. These long tail keywords allow you to focus on specific customers who search for the same product on search engines. Long tail keywords are often tough to find but our keywords researchers do an outstanding job to find some long tail keywords for you. We would love to provide some additional long tail keywords related to your specific audience as a gift.
Leaving you in the deep ocean of affiliate marketing after your site is ready is not our plan. As a partner of your affiliate journey, we want you to be succeeded in this field. That’s why we provide 3 months after sales service regarding anything related to your affiliate site. You are not alone in this journey; we will have your back for the next 3 months.
Just making a website is not enough for affiliate marketing. You’ll have to bring the website on the first page of search engines. By providing link juice to your site, backlinks build trust and authority. As a result, search engines value your site. Our backlink service is always there to support you in this matter. We offer special discount on our backlink service if you choose us as your partner from the beginning of the journey.
Besides of building a perfect website for affiliate marketing, we will provide you a guideline to ensure that you know how to grow. Our experts prepare the guideline through researching your niche and competitors. That’s why our guidelines are effective to rank quickly over your competitors. We don’t want you to struggle and sink. We want you to swim. Our guideline will teach you that.

Why Choose Us as Your Niche Site Builder?

We provide best amazon affiliate website builder for your niche, Amazon Affiliate websites need a lot of things. To generate a handsome amount of money from the site is not as easy task to do. If you start that in a wrong way, surviving will be tough for you in next stages. That’s why you need someone who’ll initiate things correctly. That’s why you need us.

We have experienced professionals for each and every part of building a niche site, starting from keyword research to content development and link building. When someone chooses us as niche site building partner, we use our expertise to bring out the best to ensure high site authority and maximum ROI. Besides, we try to keep the cost as low as possible. So, when you are hiring us, you are getting experience within a budget.

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We don’t want to keep you waiting. So, we try our best to deliver the website within the promised time. We emphasize on this because it is related to our reputation and your need. So, while ordering for a site to us, you know exactly when you are getting the site. Depending on that, you can plan your other tasks like preparing contents, researching keywords and others.
We have a dedicated team of skilled and knowledgeable website designers and developers. They know to design user-friendly websites which are easy to surf. When you order our service, the designers study your niche and find out how to keep the website user-friendly. After that, our developers develop the website depending on the design. Their top-notch understanding and communication helps them develop exactly what is the best for you.
We provide excellent after-sales support to our clients. We are not leaving you after the site is delivered. If you have any discussion regarding our service or any particular issue arises, you can knock us. We are there to help you even after the service is done. For any kind of maintenance of the website, you can reach us. We are always here for you.
We have an SEO specialist team which looks after the technical sides of SEO of the website. Technical SEO is important because without it, on-page and off-page SEO can’t hold the ranking for a long time. We want you to get maximum income by ranking up for a long time. So, we look after the facts regarding technical SEO too. You won’t get this from most of the services out there.
If you find any problem in our delivered site, we have a revision policy for that. Come to us with the problems within 90 days of receiving the website and we will revise the service and solve it. However, if the problem is caused by you, we don’t take responsibility for that.
To earn through AdSense, you have to invest first. Making a quality website is a big investment, we know that. But we really want you to make some bucks from a quality website. That’s why we charge really low price comparing to the quality of service we provide. You’ll find a complete package of ready WordPress website within a reasonable price.

Feedbacks from Our Clients

Throughout the journey of building affiliate websites, we’ve satisfied a huge number of clients through our service and after sales service. Let’s hear something from a few of them.
10 January
“The journey with Page Ranky was absolutely stunning. I was totally a noob about affiliate marketing and struggling a lot. And then I met them and they’ve provided me an amazing site that actually earns. Obviously I’ve worked a lot on building my knowledge and skills, but they have supported me a lot.”
Prakash K.
2 April
”Working with someone with this helping attitude was a great experience for me. They’ve built me a website and supported me to grow and do better. I wish for their long success.”
Zaman Sarkar
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Frequently Asked Question

As a service provider, we face a lot of questions every day. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we face. These’ll help you to know our service better.

Answer: We provide best amazon affiliate website builder for your niche, It depends on the website strategy, competition and many more things. If you work properly on the site, it may take 3-4 months to start earning from it. For that, content, SEO, UI/UX and everything should be worked on properly. We ensure the quality, the remaining is on your knowledge and hard work.

Answer: Depending on the price of the products, site quality, content quality, search engine ranking and a few more things, you can earn from 100$ to 500$ at the initial stage of your affiliate journey. We ensure quality contents, perfect on page optimization and our bets service on other related issues. So, if you spend time and knowledge, you can earn more in coming days.

Answer: We don’t offer any backlinks in our Affiliate Website Building service. However, we add some basic links to the site if we get the scope while building the site. This is not something that you’ll surely get. If we get the opportunity, we move one step forward from the package bindings and provide this as a gift from us.

Answer: There is no exact number of contents. Our packages come with a basic word count that we provide. Depending on the niche and article type, the number of article varies. Suppose, we provide 25,000 words in a package. Those 25,000 words will be distributed to some money articles and some info articles. Normally money contents are 2500 to 4000 words long and info contents are 800 to 1000 words long.

Answer: We have an in-house team of quality content writers who provides SEO-friendly and high quality contents. We have a number of clients who were satisfied with the content writing service from us. The articles of your site are written from the same team of writers. So, don’t worry about the content quality.

Answer: Our in-house content writing team is always ready to serve you if you need contents. We provide content writing service separately. So, after getting your site ready, you won’t have to struggle for contents. Order from us. You’ll get quality contents delivered.

Answer: We try our best to maximize the quality and minimize the project duration at the same time. We normally deliver the project within 45 business days. Depending on the work load, it may be expanded or minimized.

Answer: Yes, you’ll have to buy the domain and hosting. Our packages don’t include the domain and hosting cost. We may assist you in this case. We can buy domain and hosting on behalf of you. You’ll have to pay separately for that.

Answer: Ranking in search engines is an uncertain thing. So, we don’t guarantee that your site will rank. But we ensure quality at maximum from our end. We fulfil the criteria to rank, the rest depends on the search engines.

Answer: Earning from affiliate site depends on many things. So, usually there shouldn’t be a refund option. However, we have an option of refund. If we don’t perform the service as described in the packages, we provide refund. But you’ll have to claim the refund within 15 days of getting the site done.

Answer: Yes, there is an option of discount if you order four or more websites at a time. To know more about it, contact us through email or live chat support.

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