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An SEO friendly website also should have designed and developed specially for optimization. This helps you to ensure unparalleled user experience as well as a good rank in search engine pages. On the other hand, if the website is not optimized, optimizing contents and pages won’t bring the best result for sure.

We know that and that’s why we are here with our service of SEO optimized website designing and developing. We’ve learnt through the ups and downs of the SEO industry, seen the changes and then we’ve decided to offer such service for you. So, if you are planning to build a website and earn from it, make sure the seed of ranking is being sown in it from the very first phase.

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Our SEO friendly web design and development service comes with proper process that ensures a quality website praised by the search engines. This may increase the service charge a bit, but those are not unnecessarily high. Below here are the pricing plans and detailed packages.


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Our SEO Friendly Web Design and Development Service may Include

To be established as an SEO friendly website, a site must have some features. No worries. If you let us build the site, we’ll cover everything that goes with the type of your website. We make sure that we design and develop the site to be recognized by the search engines as well as praised by the visitors. Here are some features that we ensure in our SEO friendly website design and development service-

Reasons behind Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Designing and developing an SEO friendly website is the very first step of your SEO strategy. You must know the importance of SEO. You can’t expect your SEO strategy to work properly without an SEO friendly website. So, if you don’t build your website to be SEO friendly, you’re lagging behind.

Also, SEO friendly website is built focusing on ensuring enhanced user experience. Good user experience makes people to come back to the site again. Thus it helps you to turn the visitors into potential leads and increase revenue.

Reasons behind Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Designing and developing an SEO friendly website is the very first step of your SEO strategy. You must know the importance of SEO. You can’t expect your SEO strategy to work properly without an SEO friendly website. So, if you don’t build your website to be SEO friendly, you’re lagging behind.

Also, SEO friendly website is built focusing on ensuring enhanced user experience. Good user experience makes people to come back to the site again. Thus it helps you to turn the visitors into potential leads and increase revenue.

Why SEO Friendly Website is Important?

Developing an SEO friendly website helps you in many ways. Besides of bringing traffic to your site by improving ranking, SEO friendly websites convert the traffic to your customers by ensuring a great user experience. Your website works as the online representation of your business. When visitors come and visit your site, if the site can gain their trust, they become your customer.

Building SEO friendly website lets you gain the trust by ensuring comfort. Also, if the site is comfortable to surf, visitors stay longer. Search engines take this as a positive sign and allow your site to rank higher.

These are some reasons for which you should build an SEO friendly website.

Does Our Monthly SEO Backlink Service Improve Ranking?

In our monthly SEO backlink service, we build up different types of backlinks for your site. Almost all types of backlinks are included because sites needs link juice from different sources. When you build backlinks continuously every month, search engines understand that the site is trusted by a lot of different other sites. That’s why those keep the site above of many other websites in searches.

Types of Websites We design and Develop

We can design and develop any type of website for you with SEO friendliness. But here are some types of sites that we’ve designed and developed most.

For personal branding, portfolio websites can bring a really good result. If you want to enhance your face value by increasing exposure, personal or portfolio website is something that helps you a lot. To increase exposure, you need to ensure better performance of your website. That’s what we do. We design and develop personal websites that can help you get better exposure.
Business website needs to be lightweight as well as responsive because this contains a huge number of information through written contents, picture and videos. To keep the visitors coming, it should be responsive and easy to surf. Our experienced design and development team has worked on business websites for a long time and they know how to bring out an efficient business website.
Local business need to ensure value through the website because it attracts customers by making communication easy. That’s why the websites must be user friendly and responsive regardless the device is being used. Our design and develop strategy makes the site attractive by keeping is simple but efficient. Thus you can get better response from your customers.
Consultancy or service website helps a lot to bring potential clients. But, for that, you need to improve the SERP position of the site. Otherwise it can’t get enough lead as it can’t reach people. Our team of experienced designers and developers do the first step efficiently to make sure that your website reaches to people.

Why Page Ranky for Your Website?

You’ll find many web design and develop services out there like us. So, a question is obvious- why choose Page Ranky? The answer is- we are passionate and dedicated to what we do. Here are few more reasons for which you should choose us.
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We don’t want you to wait and let us face a bottleneck situation. So, our web development team and SEO team works through a synergy that helps them to bring out the task within the time allocated for it. And you get the site within our promised time.
To support you even after our contract is done, we have a dedicated support team. So, after getting the site, if you face any problem or have any question to ask, knock us and ask. We’ll reach you with the support or answer within the shortest possible time.
Besides designing and developing SEO friendly website, we perform the technical parts of optimizing the site for search engines. Our SEO experts do this for your site so that you get better output. Thus we deliver your site making it ready for next optimization process.
We have a separate team of experienced web designers and developers who are focused on only designing and developing websites. When the task is done by someone dedicated to a specific area, you know that an excellent output is sure to come.
We revise the service fully if you find any problem in our work or if we don’t provide you less number of backlinks than promised. You can reach us with your query within 5 business days of getting the service fully done. We’ll check everything and fix if there is really a problem.

Feedbacks from Our Clients

Ensuring maximum client satisfaction through service quality is our main goal. We have a lot of satisfied clients from around the world who are satisfied seeing the output of the service we provide. Check some feedbacks from them.

15 November
“Ensuring comfortable experience was very important for me as I was serving my clients through the site. That’s why I was in need of a SEO friendly website. Page Ranky has done the job for me pretty well. My clients are satisfied surfing my website and I am very satisfied by taking the website building service from Page Ranky.”
Milo Walsh
15 November
“My old website was really a mess and I wanted to make a new one. Page Ranky did the work for me. After switching to the new website, I’m getting more visitors and response from them. I’m really happy about their service.”
Morgan Doyle
Digital Marketer
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Questions We Face Frequently

These are all about our SEO friendly web designing and developing service. But we know that you might have more questions. Here are some questions we face regularly. Before asking directly, check here.

Answer: Yes, we create WordPress websites only. This is the most user-friendly CMS. You’ll get a full functioning website created using WordPress CMS.

Answer: No, we haven’t included the domain and hosting in our packages. But if you want, we can buy those for you. In that case, you’ll have to pay additional cost for the domain and hosting.

Answer: Yes, we ensure presence of necessary pages like about, privacy policy, terms of service, contact page and home page. We add other pages if you need.

Answer: We provide contents for the pages like terms of service, contact information, about, disclaimer and forms. The contents are optimized for search engines. However, we don’t provide blog posts and other contents. For those, you can take our content writing service.

Answer: We build the website using paid and lightweight themes. Light themes add value to the SEO and we know that. That’s why we use paid themes that are light and come with many more SEO friendly features.

Answer: Yes, we do. If you own social media accounts already, we connect those to the website. If you don’t have any, we create accounts and link those to the site. We handover the social media account after opening or while delivering.

Answer: Yes, our websites are fully on-page optimized while we deliver it. Before delivering website, we make sure that the site is fully optimized and ready to be indexed.

Answer: Yes. To provide you the best service, we always make sure that our websites are top-notch. As the sites are made to be SEO friendly, we focus on technical SEO more than anything else.

Answer: Obviously yes. Mobile friendliness is one of the mandatory features that a website needs to be established as SEO friendly website. We use themes that have easy and responsive interface for mobile users.

Answer: For designing, building and delivering an SEO friendly website, we take 25 to 30 business days depending on the site type. We try our best to deliver before that, but quality matters. So, we deliver the site when it is built properly.

Answer: Yes, you’ll have the scope to do that. Once the site is done, we handle you everything. Then you’ll have the full control over the site. The interface will be user friendly, so, you’ll find it easy to operate.

Answer: Yes. After delivering the website, our support team will be there for you if you face any struggle regarding the site. Within 30 days of receiving the site, you can reach us with any complain regarding the service and site. However, if you create any problem while modifying the site, we won’t take responsibility for that.

Answer: No, we don’t provide refund for this service. However, you can claim our support regarding any gap in our service. If you reach us with any complain about our service quality or site quality within 30 days after getting the site, we’ll handle the issue and provide you support accordingly.

Answer: We offer website maintenance service specifically for our clients. But you’ll have to spend a few bucks every month if you want us to handle your site. That is a separate service and not included in the website designing and developing service we provide.
Answer: Yes, you can place a customized order for building a website. But there is not a huge scope of customizing because we want our clients to get the maximum benefit through the site. We recommend ordering a full package. But if you want to make a customized deal, you are always welcome.

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Top-notch Contents

Content quality is one of the best sides of us. We have our in-house writers for producing top-notch contents for your backlinks. Thus the webmasters generally don’t refuse to publish the articles and provide a backlink. Also the contents provide value to the readers so that they click to your website too.

Manual Process

Our process of building backlinks is 100% manual. The experts of our team work hard manually to bring you the best quality backlinks from authentic and dependable websites. We want our clients to get the best output from the links to ensure a good position in the search engines. So, we don’t use any automated process.

Maximum Indexing

If the article is indexed in the search engines, you’ll get the most juice out of the link. Our manual backlinking process is done maintaining the overall quality so that search engines index the content. With a high indexing percentage of more than 90%, we ensure a high chance of indexing comparing to others.