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Optimize your website speed to score green on Pingdom, Google and Gtmetrix and Boost your SEO score.

Fix Your Site Speed Issues and Make It Super-Fast

You may still struggle even after having good contents and quality backlinks from trusted websites. Slow speed of the site is the main reason behind this. People don’t have too much time nowadays and they can’t spend a lot time on a single webpage. That’s why search engines recommend sites that ensure fast browsing speed. If your site speed is not fast, you’ll be lagging behind.

This is the reason for which we offer our WordPress Site Speed Optimization service. Our experts check the issues related to the site speed and fix those to bring your site a super-fast loading speed. Thus your ranking boosts up. So, if you are struggling with the speed of your WP site, let us help you with the issue.we provide best wordpress speed optimization service

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What We Do to Optimize the Speed of Your Website

Speed optimization is a long process and we need to do a lot of things for that. Here are some of the things we do to reduce the load time of your website.


We have designed a few packages so that you have the scope of choosing one according to your need and budget. Besides giving you this flexibility, we want you to get what you want. So, check our packages below and choose one to order for your website speed optimization service


/ One time


One time


/ One time

Does Our Monthly SEO Backlink Service Improve Ranking?

In our monthly SEO backlink service, we build up different types of backlinks for your site. Almost all types of backlinks are included because sites needs link juice from different sources. When you build backlinks continuously every month, search engines understand that the site is trusted by a lot of different other sites. That’s why those keep the site above of many other websites in searches.

Boost Your Revenue by Boosting Your Site Speed

According to researches, maximum visitors leave the site which takes more than 2 second to load. This is the same in case of mobile users too. So, because of the load speed, you are losing half of your visitors before they check the contents of your website.

Thus, even if you have good contents that convert traffic into revenue, you are not getting the scope of doing so because of your site speed. Thus you are losing your revenue. If the site speed was good, you could earn almost double comparing to your current earnings from your site.so you need website speed optimization service.

Also, if you can’t keep maximum visitors in your site for more than 3 seconds only, search engines won’t suggest your site to the searches. Thus you are losing your rank as well as traffic.contact our speed optimization service provider.

We know you don’t want this situation to continue. That’s why, for you, we are offering WP Speed Optimization service. By boosting up the speed, you can getthe maximum out of your page speed optimization service in our website.

Reasons Why You Need to Optimize Your Website Speed

To get the best output from your website, optimizing the speed is a must. This is important you as well as your visitors. There are so many reasons why this is important, but I’m going to talk about only three right now.
Search engines won’t rank a website that can’t keep the visitors for more than a few seconds on the website. Also, when searching for something, even you won’t like it if search engines suggest you a site that take a long time to load. Search engines allow those sites to rank which can keep the visitors for a long time in the site.
Consider yourself as a visitor of a site that takes huge time to load. Would you visit the site again? How would you feel? If your site is not speed optimized, your visitors feel the same. On the other hand, if the visitors get a good page loading speed, they find it comfortable to surf the site. Thus, speed optimization boosts up the user experience.
A fast and quick website gains trust of the search engines and visitors. As a result, the number of visitor increases to more than double comparing to the current visitor. As the number of visitor increases, conversion also increases a lot and allows you to generate more profit from your product or service.

Optimizing Your Website Speed, You can Enjoy

Spending bucks on speed optimization may seem as something that is not important. But before thinking that again, take a look at the advantages you’ll get by optimizing website speed optimization service
If you value your visitors’ time, they’ll value your website. Ensuring the lowest loading speed allows the visitors to comfortably surf the website and they get a positive user experience. Providing good experience will work as a revenue booster later.
Optimizing your website for reducing speed also enhances the mobile friendliness. Almost 50% of the internet users surf through mobile phones. Keeping the website mobile friendly also works as revenue booster.
The main reason behind people leave your website is the delay while loading. When people won’t see any delay, they’ll stay on the site and surf. Thus the bounce rate will go low quickly. Descending bounce rate brings positive result.
Ensuring comfortable user experience, mobile friendliness and low bounce rate are some things that search engines love. As a result, you’ll get a huge boost after optimizing your website speed. Better ranking means more visitors.
Websites in good positions in search engines are trusted by the visitors. Un-optimized websites get lower conversion rate comparing to the optimized site. So, speeding up your site speed will help you to ensure an increased conversion rate.
When your website is ranking good in search engines, providing top-notch user experience and not neglecting mobile users, you can expect a huge boost in your sales volume. This is where you end up after optimizing your website speed.

No Worries! We have Your Back

We want to value the hard earned bucks of our clients. That’s why we have policies to protect your back. Let’s check those.
After taking our WP Speed Optimization service, if you face any issues, we are there for you. Our after sales service policy allows you to reach us with any speed issues or technical difficulties after getting our service. We’ll quickly revise the service and solve the issue so that you don’t face it again later.
We don’t want to get paid by you if we can’t bring any positive changes in your site. So, we have a clear full refund policy for this service. If you don’t find any improvement in website speed after taking our service, you can claim a full refund. We’ll check your site again and if your claim is valid, we’ll make a full refund.

Why Choose Page Ranky

We want our clients to be pleased through our work as well as our service quality. That’s why we always try our best to maintain our standard. Let’s see why you should choose us.
Let’s Connect
For our client support, we have an enthusiastic support team to whom you can reach when you have any query during the project. Do you have something in mind regarding the project? Simply knock our support team. They’ll reach you with the answer within the shortest possible time.
It is a good thing for both you and us if we don’t keep the projects stuck. That’s why we work our best to provide the service within the time we mention. In order to avoid bottleneck situations, we don’t handle projects exceeding our capability.
We provide quality articles to publish from which the links are given. So, normally the webmasters don’t remove the link. But if you find any link is removed within 180 days of building that up, we’ll replace the link with another.
We revise the service fully if you find any problem in our work or if we don’t provide you less number of backlinks than promised. You can reach us with your query within 5 business days of getting the service fully done. We’ll check everything and fix if there is really a problem.
We are not leaving you behind even after the project is done. We want your site to move forward and rank on top of the search engines after taking service from us. That’s why we’ll be there to support you even after the offered backlinks are done.

Feedbacks from Our Clients

Clients’ feedbacks are always important to us. The feedbacks help us to find the scope of improving, allows us to know more about our potentiality and helps us to build trust in potential clients. Let’s see some feedbacks from our most recent clients.
15 November
“I handled the task of optimizing my site speed to Page Ranky. I just wanted them to improve a bit. But what they did was just amazing. It feels good to see this fast loading speed. Page Ranky has made it possible and I’m really grateful for this to them. I’ll definitely suggest others to take their service.”
Milo Walsh
15 November
“Site speed was a big issue for me. I don’t know what magic Page Ranky has used, but it did really well. Thanks to them for the awesome work they’ve done for me. I wish them best of luck.”
Morgan Doyle
Digital Marketer
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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the common questions about speed optimization service and the answers to those. Check this section to know more about this service.

Answer: This process depends on the size of your site and some other features. Depending on everything, we take 15 to 20 business days for the whole process. When the project is finished, we close the project after a thorough revise and let you know that the work is done.

Answer: We don’t guarantee the improvement in the performance, but the site speed will surely improve. But if the server is slow or any 3rd party script is active, we can’t guarantee anything. These have effect on site speed and performance. We won’t take any responsibility for that. However, if you can’t find improvement in site speed, we’ll review everything again and fix if there is a problem. No worries.

Answer: For speed optimization, we need access to your WP administrator as well as C-panel access. Optimizing speed requires reducing fat from your site. That’s why we need the admin access. C-panel access is required because coding the core of the site might be needed. Something like minimizing the CSS or JS script.

Answer: We are in this industry for a long time and there is no single incident of using the confidential information of our clients. We don’t share your information with anyone else, even our team members. Only the members who are working with your site will know that information.

Answer: We are in this industry for a long time and we know that something may go wrong anytime while working with your site. But don’t worry, we know what we do. Before starting working with your site, we keep a backup of the full database and site so that we don’t lose a single thing.

Answer: In most cases, there is no need to keep your site down. We follow a systematic procedure where we work at the backend of your live site. However, if keeping the site down is needed, we try our best to get the job done as soon as possible.

Answer: We bring the site loading time only 2 or 3 seconds. You can check that using any of the measurement tools out there. However, we don’t have anything to do if the server speed is slow or there is a 3rd party script.

Answer: Yes, we do. But that is another service. If you need website maintenance support, knock us and let us know what you want.

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